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How to Market New Practice
By Linda G. Miller

Event: New Practices Roundtable: Marketing by Design Speakers: Michael Beirut, Graphic Design Parnter, Pentagram; Cathy Ho, Editor, Architect's Newspaper; Nancy Kieppel, Independent Marketing Consultant; Linda Ong, Branding Consultant; David Resnick, AIA, Associate Commissioner NYC Department of Design and Construction
Organizers: AIA NY Chapter, Architect's Newspaper, SMPS-NY
Sponsors: AIA NY Chapter, Architect's Newspaper, SMPS-NY, Citibank, Fountainhead Construction, Great Ink Communications, MG & Company, VectorWorks
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.16.06

Although all of the participants had a slightly different take on how to define and market a new company while taking care of day-to-day business, there was a common thread throughout the final New Practices Roundtable: know who you are and your areas of expertise, and learn how to articulate this to your clients, the press, and in RFP's. Stick to abandon your plan and be consistent with the message; don't hype; don't be pushy, but do follow up with media; don't provide information that's not requested; don't take credit for projects done at other offices without clearance.

Mark Strauss, FAIA, AICP, AIA NY Chapter President, called the series a "tastings menu" and announced that the Chapter, in conjunction with The Architect's Newspaper and in association with Hafele America, will sponsor a New Practices Showcase—a quarterly program for new architectural firms in the areas of business, technology, and marketing. The Showcase will identify "new practices" and will highlight their achievements at an opening reception and group show at the Center in July. In addition, Hafele will host a quarterly exhibit featuring two firms per quarter, beginning in September 2006. Honorees will be feted at the AIA Annual Meeting in June 2006, and will receive an honorarium of $1,000 as compensation for exhibition expenses and an AIA membership for one year. Click on the link for submission details.

Architects And Social Responsibility: Caples Jefferson Show How It's Done
By Jessica Sheridan, Assoc. AIA

The Weeksville Preservation Society Interpretive Center acts as a gateway to the past inspiring cultural pride within a Brooklyn community.
Courtesy Caples Jefferson Architects

Event: Intensive Architecture: competitions, research, and practice
Speakers: Sara Caples, AIA, Everardo Jefferson, AIA—partners, Caples Jefferson Architects
Organizers: AIA NY Architecture Dialogue Committee
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.23.06

Architecture acts as a social enhancer, argues Sara Caples, AIA. By working with groups the public usually ignores, Caples Jefferson Architects listens to and designs for the needs of communities ranging from low-income populations to ex-convicts.

Generations, cultures, and levels of accessibility, Caples and partner Everardo Jefferson, AIA, work to enable and inspire those communities. The Weeksville Preservation Society Interpretive Center in Brooklyn preserves and celebrates the agricultural history of a group of tenement buildings erected in the 19th century by African American families. Structure, landscape, and embedded artifacts echo the history and enhance the experience of the site. The interior courtyard in the Marcus Garvey Park Village Community Center is surrounded by bulletproof glass to provide visibility and safety for children in a neighborhood known for shootings and dog attacks. The 2003 AIA Honor Award-winning Heritage Health and Housing Headquarters in Harlem incorporates spotlights within translucent light shafts bringing light into the depths of the building. The inhabitants—people recently released from prison with a history of mental illness—experience time and weather while inside, and regularly gather at the shafts to watch the sunset.

Cities Thrive through Human Contact
By Scott Jardine

Often people sit on benches in public parks so they can better people-watch.
Jessica Sheridan, Assoc. AIA

Event: "What happens when you give street space back to people?"
Presenter: Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogotá, Columbia
Organizers: Transportation Alternatives, NYC; Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, NYC
Location: Union Square Ballroom, 03.22.06

In Enrique Peñalosa's three years in office, governmental regulations and infrastructural developments transformed Bogotá from one of the world's most chaotic cities into a model "pedestrian network." Peñalosa was nearly impeached because of citizens' objections to his attempt to ban cars from parking on sidewalks in the capitol. In spite of planning departments that prioritize the use of cars in urban spaces, Peñalosa established an efficient rapid bus transit system, a network of hundreds of kilometers of bicycle paths, and launched "Car Free Days" every Sunday to encourage alternative modes of transport. Since his term expired in December 2000, he has continued to champion a worldwide view of pedestrian-friendly cities.

Recalling a study exploring where people choose to sit in city parks, Peñalosa revealed that the most popular locations are not in the scenic areas near the water or in a grove. Instead, people most often choose benches on paths populated by others, where they can interact and people-watch. "Cities are not meant just to survive but to live, to thrive." It is clear that urban dwellers flourish with human contact. Or, as Peñalosa put it, it's not enough that sidewalks have enough space for people; rather, "sidewalks are for kissing."

Scott Jardine is a writer and project architect at David Fratianne Architect in New York City

Roosevelt Island Rejuvenates
By Cassandra Langer

Crowds gather around Baniahmad's model at the Southpoint: from Ruin to Rejuvenation awards ceremony and exhibition opening.
Kristen Richards

Nina Baniahmad's ENYA Prize winning "Social Cultural Esplanade of Roosevelt Island."

Event: Southpoint: from Ruin to Rejuvenation Exhibition
Organizers: Emerging NY Architects, AIA NY Chapter
Sponsors: ENYA AIA NY, AIA New York State, Graham Foundation, Roosevelt Island Operating Cooperation, Electronics Design Group, Inc, Gensler, The Rubin Family Foundation, Propylaea
Location: Center for Architecture, exhibition on view 03.31-06.17.06

"The Social Cultural Esplanade of Roosevelt Island," Nina Baniahmad's ENYA Prize winning design for the second Emerging NY Architects (ENYA) committee competition, flutters bird-like as it spreads across the barren southern tip of Roosevelt Island. Designed with the entire Roosevelt Island constituency in mind, the ENYA competition embodies the Islanders' belief that the greatest legacy one generation can leave to another is a visible symbol of the community's aspirations; architecture is that symbol. The community's enthusiastic support for Baniahmad, a student at Vienna University of Technology, and her proposal restates a new faith in the power of imagination to uplift and transform a society.

The site, located at James Renwick Jr.'s derelict smallpox hospital, promises young architects the advantage of glorious city views, and a chance to explore an unrivaled physical environment. Inspired by its tradition of being a public gathering space for Fourth of July festivities and a transient art installation space, the Universal Arts Center program calls for a multi-use facility that can accommodate both performing and visual arts. Located within one of the last great park spaces to be developed in New York, this competition addressed the puzzle of how built spaces and architecture can coexist with urban nature.

The exhibition featuring 77 visions for the Universal Arts Center is on view at the Center for Architecture through 06.17.06 (See On View. A competition publication is also available with a donation to the ENYA committee.

Cassandra Langer is a New York City-based art historian/critic, writer, and appraiser.

Barcelona Calls for Architects
By Pollyanna Rhee

The Photovoltaic Pergola references history.
Architecture by Elies Torres & J. Antonio Martinez Lapena. Photo by Julio Cunill.

Landscape is integrated with the siting of the Convention Center building.
Map Architects, Jose Luis Mateo

Event: Barcelona/New York: Dialogues on Architecture and Urban Planning.
Speakers: Josep Acebillo, Commissioner for Infrastructures and Urban Planning, Barcelona; Mary Ann Newman, Ramon Llull Institute; Joan Roig, Battle | Roig Arquitectos; Josep Luis Mateo, MAP Architects, Barcelona; Carme Pinós, Estudio Carme Pinos, Barcelona; Peter Rowe, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Elías Torres, Martínez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos, Barcelona; Alexander Tzonis, Delft University of Technology; Enrique Norten, Hon. FAIA, TEN Arquitectos
Organizers: Center for Architecture with the Ajuntament de Barcelona
Sponsors: exhibition symposium underwriter: Institut Ramon Llull; exhibition underwriters: Ajuntament de Barcelona, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Hines; addition support: Barcelona Regional; Col legi d'Arquitectes, Barcelona Chapter; Spanish Consulate of NY
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.18.06

The end of Franco's regime in the 1970s launched Spain's current focus of urban renewal. For Barcelona, according to Peter Rowe, the renewal is also due to Catalonia's socialist government for producing public projects, new ideas, and young architects. While lauding Barcelona's public spaces and new construction, city official Josep Acebillo feels uneasy about the absence of architects from discussions on the city's future, including issues of suburban sprawl and a need for new housing.

Despite concerns, the work of four Barcelona-based architects emphasizes public space and urban context. As the architect in charge of the restoration of Parc Güell, Elías Torres of Martínez Lapeña-Torres Arquitectos described his role as a "servant to the history of the place." Similarly, Carme Pinos' projects, including residences and a building for FBEX Promo Inmobiliaria, combine new forms and technologies with particularities of Barcelona's historic neighborhoods. Joan Roig and Josep Luis Mateo stress the dialectic between landscape and position. Alexander Tzonis declared architecture inspirational, making him "want to write a novel or film."

An exhibition is currently on view at the Center for Architecture through 06.10.06 exhibiting architectural models, renderings, and photographs of Barcelona (See On View).

Pollyanna Rhee has done graduate work in education and is a member of the steering committee for Architecture for Humanity New York.

Formalism Links Architecture to Music
By Dustin Roasa

Event: Resonating Frequencies with Lebbeus Woods and DJ Spooky—an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and music Speakers: Lebbeus Woods; DJ Spooky; Moderator Christopher Janney—architect, composer
Organizers: Center for Architecture; presented by Dancing in the Streets as part of Intersections
Sponsors: New York State Council on the Arts
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.29.06

Instead of demonstrating supposed intersections between architecture and music, turntablist and theorist DJ Spooky and architectural visionary Lebbeus Woods personified the divide. Spooky speaks rapidly, mirroring his cut-and-paste digital compositions. Deliberate and skeptical, Woods befits one accustomed to working within the constraints of the material world.

Woods opened the discussion at the "Resonating Frequencies" lecture by doubting the very premise of the evening. "I reject the link between architecture and music. Music is a mood-altering narcotic," explained the self-professed music lover, and its power should not be diluted in an unnatural marriage with the visual. In response, Spooky claimed, "Music is nothing but liquid architecture," inverting the Goethe aphorism while pointing out the near-musical structure of London's Crystal Palace.

Both architecture and music are "highly ethical because they inform us how to live," according to Woods. However, common ground lies in the negative: as purely formalist pursuits, neither architecture nor music is capable of conveying meaning.

Dustin Roasa is a freelance writer in New York.

Green Guidelines Benefit Urban Infrastructure
By Bill Millard

The sustainable benefits of the Solaire outweigh on-paper advantages.
Jeff Goldberg/Esto; courtesy Skyscraper Museum

Event: "Greening Infrastructure: On the Road to a Sustainable City"
Presenters: Kate Ascher—Executive Vice President of Infrastructure, NYC Economic Development Corporation, author, The Works: Anatomy of a City; Hillary Brown, AIA—principal, New Civic Works, founder, Office of Sustainable Design, NYC Dept. of Design & Construction; Russell C. Albanese—President, Albanese Organization; Moderator Ashok Gupta—Air and Energy Program Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
Organizers: U.S. Green Building Council, New York Chapter
Where: CUNY Graduate Center Auditorium, 03.22.2006

Citing 10 critical infrastructural systems—mail, power, subways, streets, telephones, trash, sewage, clean water, maritime cargo, and rail freight—Kate Ascher offers invaluable research in The Works: Anatomy of a City. Anecdotes include abandoned pneumatic mail tubes, the dredging of Newark Bay to admit large ships, and the rail-borne southward shipments of NYC sewage pelletized to fertilize Florida orange groves whose juice returns on northbound trains.

The city's 20,000 street lanes are the convergence zone for people, goods, and vehicles above grade, and energy, water, waste, and information below. Hillary Brown analyzed the best management practices in these systems to create the 2005 High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines, a hands-on manual with interventions yielding benefits larger than the sum of their parts. (High-albedo pavement, for example, counteracts heat-island effects while making streetlighting more energy-efficient.) Rebalancing built and natural systems depends on maximizing passive systems like bioremediation, promoting interagency planning, and viewing new capital investment areas as potential "high-performance infrastructure improvement districts."

In private/public collaborations like the LEED gold-rated Solaire and its new neighbor the Verdesian, developer Russell Albanese applies Brown's concept of designing building systems to address infrastructure variables alongside economics. He aims beyond official guidelines: the Solaire's natural gas cooling system, for example, provides 65-67% lower peak electrical demand, outweighing the on-paper advantages of high-performance electric chillers. Albanese and engineer Ed Clerico, noting that the U.S. economy currently requires 1,200 times as much water as people consume daily, also advocate decentralized wastewater reuse as a high-potential conservation strategy.

Bill Millard is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in Oculus, Icon, Content, and other publications.

New Development Defines Chinese Identity
By Gregory Haley

The Johns Hopkins/Nanjing University Center for Chinese American Studies highlights its Chinese cultural context.
© Perkins Eastman Architects

Shanghai Shipyard development relates at both human and high rise scales.
Courtesy Gensler

Event: "Asia Dialogues: Fertile Ground for Architecture
Speakers: Xiadong Li—Tsinghua University, Bejing; Jun Xia—Gensler, Shanghai; Diana Sung, AIA—Perkins Eastman Architects; Moderator Clifford Pearson—Architectural Record
Organizers: Center for Architecture, AIA NY Chapter, in partnership with Asia Society
Sponsor: arcXchange
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.25.06

Contemporary Chinese architecture themes include: identity, urban design, and sustainability, via several large and small-scale projects in and around Shanghai. The Johns Hopkins/Nanjing University Center for Chinese American Studies by Perkins Eastman Architects, led by Diana Sung, AIA, demonstrates how massing and choice of materials can anchor a building to its cultural context. Gensler's Shanghai shipyard development project, led by Jun Xia, illustrates how sensitive urban design mediates between the scales of a pedestrian street and high rise development.

Xiadong Li outlined the path of Chinese architecture since the end of the Cultural Revolution, and proposes an alternative. By utilizing vernacular materials and ventilation techniques, Li's Yuhu Elementary School and Community Center project in Lijiang exemplifies a "situational" approach to architecture—one that builds identity out of its contexts—cultural, political, and technological. Rather than arriving on site with preconceived ideas, identity should be built on site, piece by piece.

Gregory Haley, AIA, AICP, is an architect at Grimshaw Architects PC, New York, and has taught architectural design studios at NYIT School of Architecture.

How to Win Public Approval
By Anne Lefferson, ASID, IIDA

Designing Public Consensus: The Civic Theater of Community Participation for Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners and Urban Designers, by Barbara Faga (Wiley Publishing)
Courtesy Municipal Art Society

Event: Designing Public Consensus: The Civic Theater of Community Participation for Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners and Urban Designers
Presenters: Barbara Faga, FASLA, author, Designing Public Consensus, Chair of the Board, EDAW; Alexander Garvin—Adjunct Professor of Urban Planning and Development, Yale University; Gary Hack, Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Design
Organizers: Urban Books Program, Municipal Art Society
Location: The Urban Center, 03.27.06

Ground Zero, Boston's Wharf District, and the New York Olympics Park are surrounded by controversy. The key to success in the face of public criticism, according to Barbara Faga, is stressing the benefits to the public from a project. Although often a long road of red tape and revisions, taking advantage of public participation can ease the urban planning process.

A faster approval process is possible by simplifying projects for the public. By creating drawings and sketches that the community can understand—not geared toward an architect or designer—emphasis is placed on the public. Showcasing people in the sketches enables the public to see how they can relate to a space. Once public approval has been won over, designers need to engage the press to help spur coverage.

Anne Lefferson is an interior designer with Blair Design Associates.



After receiving the challenge brief, to design an entertainment venue for 2056 when the world has been flooded due to global warming, on stage teams from Arquitectonica and Grzywinski Pons Architects sketched out their ideas and proceeded to make models with materials provided by the hosts (some glue, Exacto knives, foam, and video iPods). After presenting their models to a jury consisting of randomly selected party-goers, the small firm reigned supreme. Grzywinski Pons Architects' sectional model of proposed floating pods outdesigned Arquitectonica's water strider inspired amphitheater.

Social organizers and underground party people, LVHRD, launched its second Master Disaster Architects Duel, Tuesday 03.22.06. After being text messaged the location of the party—the trendy Canal Room—architectural enthusiasts waited in line donning boat hats and blue attire (consistent with the nautical theme) to get into the party complete with two emcees named Andrew, DJ Praveen Sharma, and someone in a large penguin suit. The objective was to pit a large firm against a small firm in a classic design charrette.

What makes LVHRD parties so successful is not just their clandestine nature, making members feel "in-the-know," but the creativity used to throw the parties that draws the design-oriented. Many young architects grow disillusioned when they graduate from school and enter firms. The studio atmosphere is often lost, and the endless nights spent hunched over delicately contrived models grow into days filled with CAD drawing. The Architects Duel provides an outlet for creativity, both for observers as well as participants, that is much needed and rarely provided to keep imagination alive.



Dance New Amsterdam Leaps to Lower Manhattan

Dance New Amsterdam's new ballet studio
Design by R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects; photography by Mark Stephen Kornbluth
Construction on the new R. M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects-designed 25,000-square-foot Dance New Amsterdam center is complete. Located in the historic Sun Building overlooking City Hall Park, the facility contains six dance studios, a flexible performance space with seating for 135, an art gallery, reception area, shop, administrative offices, and street level café. The non-profit organization received a total of $4.4 million for the renovation from the City, foundation, and private funding.

Cherry Lane Theatre Premieres Renovation

Cherry Lane Theatre
Courtesy Mitchell Kurtz Architects
New York's longest running Off-Broadway theater, the landmarked 170-year-old Cherry Lane Theatre in the heart of Greenwich Village, is premiering its newly renovated theaters, lobby, and administrative offices. Mitchell Kurtz Architects preserved the details that make it a neighborhood playhouse while providing a more accessible and comfortable place for theater-goers, and a more technically advanced setting productions. Restoration includes the original entrance to the main stage, lobby, box office, and Studio theater. New improvements include a lobby transparent to the street, larger seats, new lighting and sound systems, expanded bathrooms, and improved sightlines.

New CUNY Grad School of Journalism to Open Midtown
Construction began on the new Graduate School of Journalism of The City University of New York, designed by Stephen Thomson, AIA, located in the former home of the New York Herald Tribune, and a neighbor to the new headquarters of the New York Times. The school will occupy 57,099 square feet on the third and fourth floors of separate buildings with a connecting staircase. The 33 columns per floor, which once bore the weight of printing presses, will become focal points for the design. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the fall semester.

New Body of Knowledge for Interior Designers
The Interior Design Profession's Body of Knowledge, 2005 Edition, is now available as a PDF online. The study updates the original, published in 2001, by weighing 96 knowledge areas to determine levels of importance in interior design. Knowledge areas are divided into six categories: human environment needs; interior construction; codes and regulations; design; products and materials; professional practice; communication. The professional organizations involved in the publication include the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly FIDER), Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC), International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).



Students Redesign Barcelona
By Erin McCluskey, Program Manager at the Center for Architecture Foundation

Students show off their urban plan for Barcelona.
Erin McCluskey

Event: FamilyDay@theCenter: Building Barcelona
Organizers: Center for Architecture Foundation, AIA NY Chapter
Volunteers: Rodrigo Muniz—Jonathan Bowser Architect; Jie Siang Yong—Eight inc; Dianne Chia—Robert A.M. Stern Architects.
Sponsors: Exhibition underwriters Ajuntament de Barcelona, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Hines; exhibition symposium underwriters Institut Ramon Llull; additional support from Barcelona Regional, Col·legi d'Arquitectes, Barcelona Chapter and Spanish Consulate of NY
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.18.06

After exploring the "Barcelona in Progress" exhibition (See On View) and comparing New York City to Barcelona, students investigated a website devoted to Antonio Gaudi's La Pedrera. This website focuses on the architecture of La Pedrera including literary, scientific, and social perspectives on the building. Visitors to the website can design their own cartoon, visual metaphor, or literary connection and submit it to be posted in an online gallery.

Kids set to work designing fanciful structures fit for the streets of Barcelona. Inspired by urban planning ideas, some kids worked collectively to design a small metropolis complete with power plant, housing, shops, and a park. There was a clear connection between some of the building designs and the Frank Gehry, FAIA, model of the Mobility Museum on view in the exhibition. Once building models and city plans were finished, the models were arranged in an impromptu display surrounding Gehry's model.

Architectural Publication Demystified
By Carolyn Sponza, AIA

Event: Architects in Training Course: "How to Get Published"
Speakers: John Czarnecki, Assoc. AIA, John Wiley & Sons; Sam Lubell, Architectural Record
Organizers: Emerging NY Architects Committee (ENYA)
Sponsors: ENYA, John Wiley & Sons
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.21.06

In an attempt to raise the mysterious curtain between architectural publishers and practitioners, the final Architects-In-Training Course hosted by ENYA revealed perspectives from the book and magazine ends of the print spectrum. Czarnecki, acquisitions editor for John Wiley & Sons, outlined the how-to's of book proposals, stressing the importance of researching the vast range of publishing houses. Representing Architectural Record, news editor Lubell revealed that the journal is staffed by a core editorial group of around twelve. He outlined certain steps necessary to ease projects through this information pipeline—submission of full size professional project photos paired with follow-up and persistence.

Lubell advocated checking the Architectural Record editorial calendar to match project pitches with print cycles and editors. Czarnecki offered ways to assess potential publishers before submitting proposals, such as researching the depth of the publisher's backlist as an indication of the longevity of your potential project. The most important information both had to share was: before you submit material, know your audience, know your publication, and make your appeal personal.

Bright Lights, Big City Books
By Vasso Kampiti, Assoc. AIA, project manager at CUNY DDCM, ENYA member of "This Will Kill That" and "Schedium" programs

Event: This Will Kill That—ENYA book club program
Organizers: Emerging NY Architects Committee (ENYA)
Location: Center for Architecture, 03.28.06

Ethnicity, gender, and class shape and define Times Square. Memory of the experience of Times Square impacts the development of one's identity. "This Will Kill That," the ENYA committee's reading group, met to discuss Marshall Berman's book, On the Town: One Hundred Years of Spectacle in Times Square, in anticipation of a lecture by Berman to be held on April 25 at the Center for Architecture.

"This Will Kill That," a title taken from Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris, meets twice per book. A lecture given by the author or related expert follows an informal discussion planned for each of the six books on the 2006 reading list. For more information on book titles and authors, click here.



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If you've ever wondered what would happen to someone who is caught forging architecture licensure, the North County Gazette, 03.22.06, reported on one case in White Plains, NY. According to the report, 150 individuals in every borough but Staten Island fell victim to architecture fraud. Click here for the full story.



Rendering by Changhak Choi; courtesy eVolo Architecture
eVolo 06 Skyscraper competition winning entry, "Reciprocal Conjugation"

New York design firms Gabellini Sheppard Associates, for the Top of the Rock, and the Rockwell Group, for Nobu Fifty Seven, are two of five organizations recognized in the 33rd Annual Interior Design Competition…

Mallory Factor has been elected as Vice Chairman for the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation…

Carlo Aiello, founder and partner of New York-based group eVolo Architecture, announces that Columbia graduate student Changhak Choi has taken top honors in the eVolo 06 Skyscraper competition. The jury consisted of New York designers and educators: Evan Douglis, principal of Evan Douglis Studio and Chair of Undergraduate School of Architecture at Pratt Institute; Ada Tolla, and Giuseppe Lignano, principals of LOT-EK; Alisa Andrasek, principal of Biothing; and Franklin Lee, principal of SUBDV.



The Architectural League calls for submissions for its New York Designs lecture series. Providing a forum for innovative built work in New York City, the series spotlights small projects integrating environmental sustainability with design.
Presentations: AIANYS Convention
AIA New York State welcomes presentation submissions specific to the 2006 Convention—"Next General Housing: Will We Be Ready?"—and other topics that would provide cutting edge knowledge to design professionals.
The Tainan City Government calls for submissions to an international competition open to professional teams to propose creative planning solutions for the Parks of Fort Erh-Kun-Shen and related facilities. Winners of the two-phase competition will receive a monetary prize with construction of the chosen project planned.
Hosted by Brooklyn-based Luvo Design, this is an open competition to design a chair, sofa, or stool that reflects our time.
The third annual Architectural Lighting Light & Architecture Design Awards honor design in the categories of residential, interior, and exterior lighting. Projects completed after July 2004 are eligible.
AIA New York Chapter, Architect's Newspaper, and Hafele America' New Practices Showcase, an offshoot to the New Practices Roundtable, seeks to identify and highlight New Practices in an exhibition at the Center for Architecture in July. A quarterly exhibition will also be held at the Hafele Showroom in September. Two firms per quarter will be featured.
North Sydney Council invites urban designers, planners, architects, and landscape architects to present solutions for the development of new bus shelters and a canopy entrance to Greenwood Plaza/North Sydney Railway Station in Australia.
Submission: Ortus Artis 2006
This international landscape architecture competition for the design of a garden at the Carthusian Monastery of Padula will result in construction of the winning project with monetary award and travel provisions.
Submission: Catalyst Awards
The Industrial Designers Society of America, in conjunction with BusinessWeek, announces the Catalyst Awards, devised to show how design is fundamentally woven into business success. International designs showing excellence in market and financial performance with strategic, industry, and social impact are welcomed.
Project EverGreen seeks photos of well-maintained green spaces—lawns, landscapes, trees, gardens, parks, sports fields, and golf courses—for publication in its 2007 Because Green Matters Calendar.



Oculus 2006 Editorial Calendar
Ideas/Submissions Deadlines (projects can be anywhere, but architects must be New York-based). Contact: Kristen Richards
June 20: Fall: Infrastructure New York
September 20: Winter: The Business of Practice

The 2006 AIA New York Chapter Design Awards schedule:
More information is available on the website
April 21: Entry forms and fees due
May 5: Submission deadline
May 8: Public symposium and award announcements
June 28: Luncheon honoring Design Awards recipients
June 29: Exhibition opens at the Center for Architecture




At the Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place:

Related Event

April 8, 2006, 12:00pm
Southpoint: from Ruin to Rejuvenation FamilyDay@theCenter


March 31–June 17, 2006

Southpoint: from Ruin to Rejuvenation—ENYA International Ideas Competition Exhibition

Galleries: Kohn Pedersen Fox Gallery, HLW Gallery, South Gallery

The Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) Committee presents an exhibition of the second biennial international ideas competition. The exhibit features 77 visions for a Universal Arts Center at Southpoint Park on Roosevelt Island. ENYA Prize recipient, second place, third place, student prize, and historic preservation award, along with 42 selected entries are included in the accompanying catalog.

Southpoint: from Ruin to Rejuvenation is hosted by ENYA in cooperation with the Roosevelt Island Visual Arts Association and Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital.

Exhibition sponsored by: AIA New York State, The Graham Foundation, The Rubin Family Foundation, and Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

The Universal Forum of Cultures-Barcelona 2004
Aerial View of the sector
Eva Serrats

Related Events

April 22, 1:00–5:00pm
In Process: Contemporary Architectural Practice in Spain

May 13, 4:00–6:00pm
Antonio Muntadas + Juan Herreros Collaboration: A Speculation


March 17–June 10, 2006

Barcelona in Progress

Galleries: Gerald D. Hines Gallery, Public Resource Center, Judith and Walter Hunt Gallery and Mezzanine Gallery

An exhibition presenting Barcelona's dramatic Post-Franco transformation through the present. Architectural models, renderings and photographs outline a framework for the progressive urban trajectory this city has chartered, and a global context for evaluating developments in large scale metropolitan planning.

Organized by: Center for Architecture with the Ajuntament de Barcelona

Exhibition Underwriters:
Ajuntament de Barcelona Rockefeller Brothers Fund Hines

Exhibition Symposium Underwriter:
Institut Ramon Llull

Additional support provided by:
Barcelona Regional Col·legi d'Arquitectes, Barcelona Chapter Spanish Consulate of New York

March 6–April 25, 2006

Justice Facilities Review 2005–2006

Gallery: Common Room

Each year, the AIA's Academy of Architecture for Justice conducts Justice Facilities Review offers the profession an indicator of proven strategies and the latest trends in the design and construction of justice facilities in the United States. The jury chooses projects for publication that demonstrate quality of form, functionality, and current architectural responses to complex justice design issues. Out of the 90 projects submitted, 27 are on display in this exhibition. Submissions included courthouses, law enforcement centers, correctional facilities and juvenile detention facilities. These projects present a rich array of architectural responses to these challenging, dynamic building types.


About Town: Ongoing and Upcoming

Tripping the Light Fantastic/Agora Gallery

Through 04.15.06
Pattern Recognition/Frederieke Taylor Gallery

Through 04.15.06
STRUCTURED ORNAMENT: THE BONE WALL/Storefront for Art and Architecture

Through 04.19.06
Bad Design Darts and Other Methods for Community-Led Improvement/The Municipal Art Society

Through 04.23.06
Solos: New Design from Israel/Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

CIMA Members Exhibition/Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery

The METROPOLIS View: 25 Years Through the Lens/The Art Directors Club. Phone: (212) 643-1440

Through 04.29.06
Exact Time/Janos Gat Gallery

Through May 2006
Green Towers for New York/The Skyscraper Museum

Through 05.01.06
On-Site: New Architecture in Spain/The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Through 05.05.05
Prairie Skyscraper: Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower/Yale School of Architecture; 80 York Street, New Haven, CT

Through 05.07.06
Transformed by Light: The New York Night/Museum of the City of New York

Through 05.07.06
Andrea Zittel: Wagon Stations/Whitney Museum of American Art at Altria

Through 05.07.06
Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art/Museum of Arts & Design; 40 W. 53 St.

Through 05.07.06
Why? 25 Case Studies/Museum of Arts & Design; 40 W. 53 St.

From 03.30.06–05.13.06
Site_Specific/Yancey Richardson Gallery

Through 05.28.06
Whitney Biennial 2006: Day for Night/The Whitney Museum of American Art

Through November 2006
The Ernst Benkert Travel Desk/Proteus Gowanus


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Membership Renewal Reminder: All Architect and Associate members who did not renew by March 31, 2006 are lapsed and will miss member benefits until they are reactivated. Please go to: and click on "renew my membership" if you have not already submitted a payment this year. If you have questions, please contact, Suzanne Mecs,, or the national membership department at 1-800-242-3837.

Continuing Edcuation Reminder: When you need to fulfill your credit requirements, look on our calendar for events which qualify. Our online calendar (and the e-Calendar which is fowarded to members each week), list both our own and outside events which carry Continuing Education Credits. Look for the credits toward the end of each listing. Each credit = 1 hour of learning. "CES LUs: 4" means the event is worth 4 hours; "CES HSW: 4" means the hours will count toward AIA Health, Safety, and Welfare requirements. If you need to review your current credits, visit and log on using your membership number.

New Architect Members: Mohammad N. Ahari, AIA, Ahari Associates, Ltd. Architecture | Kevin W. Baxter, AIA, Murdock Young Architects | Richard L. Brennan, AIA, HLW International, LLP | Jason Michael Carney, AIA, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, P.C. | Hann-Shiuh Chen, AIA, Hann-Shiuh Chen, Architect | Asiya Chowdhury, AIA, Arquitectonica | Bryce J. de Reynier, AIA, Richard Meier & Partners Architects | Frank deSantis, AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP | Felix J. Dreyfous, AIA, CR Studio Architects, P.C. | Craig E. Dykers, AIA, Snohetta AS, LLC | Cynthia M. Eng, AIA, Kenneth Park Architects | Kimberly P. Garcia, AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Kurt W. Glauber, AIA, Robert A.M. Stern Architects | Thomas E. Graul, AIA, Arquitectonica | Wendell K. Green, AIA, Terrence O'Neal Architect LLC | James B. Harding, AIA, Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C. | John B. Jackson, AIA | Miyun Kang, AIA, Robert A.M. Stern Architects | Kathleen M. Kulpa, AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP | David D Lee, AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Woo-Hyoung Lee, AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Wai-Yin Leung, AIA, Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, LLP | Amy H. Lin, AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP | Jane P. Lin, AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP | Neil Logan, AIA, Fernlund + Logan Architects | Lisa A. Maday, AIA, Ted Moudis Associates | Matthew V. Maddalene, AIA | Paulom Y. Mistry, AIA, Di Domenico + Partners, LLP | Colin Gabriel Montoute, AIA, STV Architects | Misti Moser, AIA, Andrew Berman Architect | Drew Michael Napolitano, AIA, Arnell Group | Lawrence G. Osborn, AIA, Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn | Kenneth S.S. Peng, AIA, TPG Architecture | John A. Pinckney, AIA, Mitchell/Giurgola Architects, LLP | Thomas C. Quigley, AIA, Hellmuth Obata & Kassabaum, P.C. | John L. Robbins, AIA, Robert A.M. Stern Architects | Elliott Rosenblum, AIA, Rosenblum Architects | Laura Suzanne Schreider, AIA, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP | Catherine A. Selby, AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Alexander F. Sipkes, AIA, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP | Carolyn Sponza, AIA, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners | Victor B. Thomas, AIA, Alan Wanzenberg Architect P.C. | Marc Jun Tsurumaki, AIA, LTL Architects, PLLC | Francis J. Vecchione, AIA, Granary Associates, Inc. | Richard C. Yancey, AIA, Weinstein A|U Architects + Urban Designers | Yuan-Sung Yu, AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C.

Individuals recently upgraded to Architect Membership: Stephen Luk, AIA, Brennan Beer Gorman Associates | Nicole Yael Michel, AIA, Canon Design | Darrell A. Puffer, AIA | Stanley R. Sienkiewicz, Jr., AIA, Port Authority of NY & NJ

New Associate Members: Anthony Bartido, Assoc. AIA, Daniel Frankfurt Engineers and Architects, PC | Adriana Cantelli, Assoc. AIA | Shao K. Chen, Assoc. AIA, Costas Kondylis & Partners, LLP | Charles N. Collins, Assoc. AIA, Ismael Leyva Architects | Seungil Han, Assoc. AIA, Mancini Duffy | Daniel B. Harrison, Assoc. AIA, Perkins Eastman Architects, P.C. | Edward L. Janoff, Assoc. AIA, 34th Street Partnership | Janny H. Kim, Assoc. AIA, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP | Bethany Lundell, Assoc. AIA | Michael Maza, Assoc. AIA, R.M.Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects | Adam Keith Mead, Assoc. AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP | Lisa C. Merrill, Assoc. AIA, Huntsman Architectural Group | Renee A. Millet, Assoc. AIA, Stonehill & Taylor Architects and Planners | Craig G. Morton, Assoc. AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Franklin E. Ortiz, Assoc. AIA, Ismael Leyva Architects, P.C. | Pedro R. Pachano, Assoc. AIA, FXFOWLE Architects, P.C. | Hassan M. Satti, Assoc. AIA, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP | Michael Tod Smith, Assoc. AIA, Otte Assemblage | Paul J. Truhlar, Assoc. AIA, DMJM + Harris | Brian C. West, Assoc. AIA, Port Authority Of New York and New Jersey

New International Associate Members: Sergio Mannino, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Studio 63 USA | David T. Ooyevaar, Int'l Assoc. AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects, LLP

New Titanium Corporate Member Representatives: Frank Conti, Enterprise Lighting Sales | William Caretsky, Syska & Hennessy Inc.

New Student Members: Howard Gottlieb, Pratt Institute Graduate Center for Planning | GiGi Salomon, Parsons

Reinstating Members: Kevin Lindsay Bone, AIA, Bone Levine Architects | Mario Ciuffarin, AIA, Mario Ciuffarin Architect | Barry P. Holden, AIA, Barry Holden Architect | Katharine A. Huber, AIA, Polshek Partnership Architects LLP | Bohdan J. Huhlewych, AIA, NYC School Construction Authority | Suna Shengkun Hung, AIA, Sun & Associates, Architects Intl | William F. Logan, AIA, Israel Berger & Associates | Stefano Revelle Paci, AIA, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners | Nicole Robertson, AIA, Garber Robertson Office (GRO) | Masahide Suzuki, AIA, MG Design International Ltd. | Jeffrey J. Ulrich, AIA, The Liebman Melting Partnership | Jonathan Bennett Wimpenny, AIA, Jonathan B. Wimpenny, AIA, RIBA, Architect

Members who transferred in to the AIA New York Chapter: Albert M. Dreyfuss, FAIA




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The AIA New York Chapter seeks a Development Associate for Corporate Relations
See for details.

Small NYC architecture firm with 14 employees seeking to fill two positions with talented, motivated individuals with architecture degree; minimum 1 year experience for team member; minimum 5 years experience for Project Architect/Manager for commercial, institutional and residential projects. Contact Mark at

Perkins Eastman seeks experienced Proposal Coordinator with 5-7 years experience in A/E industry for proposal development, coordinating specific market sector initiatives, information management for large, internationally recognized design firm. Qualifications: excellence in writing/editing, organization, communications, and some graphics. Required: Quark Xpress, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Competitive salary, 401(k), EOE, benefits package. Fax resume/cover letter/salary requirements to 212-353-7676 or e-mail Only resumes w/ salary requirements considered. No phone calls or agencies, please.

Spliteye Multimedia, the leading architecture Web designer in the country, offers architects, designers and engineers an affordable package of Website Services that includes site design, hosting, traffic reports, content management system and full maintenance. Go to for more details.

Perkins Eastman seeks Images/Photography Coordinator with 5-10 years experience in photo/image-related business for managing all new photography; managing digital photo archive; and digital asset management. Knowledge of architecture a plus. Required: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, Quark Xpress, Microsoft Office suite, digital asset management program experience.  Competitive salary, EOE, 401(k), benefits package. Please fax resume/cover letter/salary requirements to 212-353-7676 or e-mail Only resumes with salary requirements considered. No phone calls or agencies, please.



SOPREMA, Inc.Free up your time by collaborating with SOPREMA, Inc., manufacturers of roofing and waterproofing products since 1908, and pioneers of engineered asphaltic membranes. Contact Soprema today, and our local team will personally provide support for your projects.

Contacts: Helen Gucwa, Greg Putney

Manhattan-based Pei Partnership Architects ( seeks full-time production architect, 5-15 years of experience in commercial and institutional work (design & production). Proficiency in AutoCAD required. Salary DOE.

Please e-mail cover letter, résumé and portfolio samples to

NBBJ NY designs and develops projects in market sectors including: Healthcare, Science/Education, Corporate/Commercial. As we expand, we pursue the most talented staff to gain and maintain recognition for outstanding design quality. EOE

For information about our current opportunities visit


QUALIFICATIONS: 5-7 years experience. SD/CD phases for Institutional/Housing; Design + Detailing; AutoCAD; 3D modeling; Chinese language plus; Positions available immediately

QUALIFICATIONS: 5-10 years experience - all phases for Institutional; Experience in Project + Team Management, Multi-tasking; Organizational skills important; Design important; Proficiency in standard programs; Chinese language plus

Please e-mail resumes, work samples: — Include "ARCHITECT POSITION" in the subject line.

The AIA Contract Documents program
provides proven, consistent, and effective standard form contracts to the building design and construction industry. The program directs its efforts toward improving existing documents and developing new ones. In late 2005 the AIA introduced six new contract documents. These included two new agreements and four new scopes of service documents for use with owner-architect agreements.

Paper Documents
The AIA New York Chapter is a full-service distributor of AIA Contract Documents, which are the most widely used standard form contracts in the building industry. These comprehensive contracts have been prepared by the AIA with the input of contractors, attorneys, architects, and engineers. Typically, industry professionals and home/property owners use these documents to support agreements relating to design and construction services. Anyone may purchase and use the AIA Contract Documents. AIA Members receive a 10% discount. For a full list and order form, see or call 212.358.6113 with your fax number.

Electronic Format Documents
The new AIA Contract Documents software is completely redesigned, based on Microsoft Word, and is easier to use than Word itself. Enter project and document information once and reuse it automatically. E-mail documents as Word or PDF attachments. Print "clean copy" final documents with all changes captured in a special report. Go to for Contract Documents Software Training and to download the AIA Contract Documents software.

If you already have the software, Version 2.0.5: Software Update is now available.

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